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Sarees have stuck around since centuries and a here to stay till centuries to come.It's won't be an exaggeration to admit that a saree isn't an outfit but a choice.When it comes to sarees,they are an outfit worn with age no bar.While pre partition saree was an outfit for the young girls and the ladies alike,post partition with the advent of salwar suit a saree got confined to young women in her late teens to the grown up women. But the wheel of time running in it's course of time brought back the craze of Nine yard back in full vogue,From toddlers wearing sarees in fancy dress competition and plays,to teenagers exhausting their night's sleep and Internet Packs on which saree to wear on farewell,to the bridesmaids look at every nook and corner for a glamorous saree for the big day,to the newly weds and offcourse the much loved grandmoms who's sarees we grew up adoring,everyone of us are in an awe of this versatile drape.

With the changing times saree has changed a lot,not just the embroidery,the motifs,beads,patterns and the sequins but also the length,the fabric and the draping style.Though a saree still engulfs beautifully every single change it has been going through since all this time,it is always open to innovation,be with it's embroideries or the draping style.There's no boundary of imagination or innovation to which a saree is limited,while to some designers a saree's versatility is a muse,to some a saree is the epitome of sensuality that defines a women's curves and edges.Also there are few designers who think sarees are the most underrated cloth ever,they are being devoid of the fame and glory they deserve on the international frame,for they make it to be one of the most ancient outfit that could still make it to everyday life.Though India being sucha a geographically diverse nation,sometimes alienates people from the cultural values and the food,a saree is worn almost naturally in every region of the country and the neighbouring countries with little or negligible difference at times.Connecting women through an unspoken taste in sarees or in draping style.A bond that goes beyond understanding of men.

A DIY guide to being a diva

Thankgoodness to the designers and their efforts that sarees have evolved their draping style suiting ones needs,shape and reservations.While one can effortlessly wear a silk saree with bountiful of gold(,temple gold or otherwise)with no second thought,for a cotton saree someone with ample body shape and size is advised to think twice,for a cotton saree is known to volumize the shape and gives illusion of a women being fuller.A chiffon being the saree of high profile,an all time favourite saree of the Ranis,Maharanis and the blue blood babies is known to cling seductively to ones figure,by draping leisurely on ones frame,like a serpent clung to a tree,accentuating edges and curves that need to be bragged and distracting from the ones that deserve no role in flaunting the charisma of ones personality.A khadi saree though vintage,is the new favourite baby of the town,with the ongoing call for going all natural and desi,as an initiative to help the small time weavers and support their dying economy,socialites,bankers and long time bollywood divas to bollywood trendsetters everyone is spotted somewhere or other adorned in a khadi saree and minimal accessories in an occasion or two.A benarasi saree is a saree of special occasions,the hardwork and the expertise it takes in preparing a benarasi,while the effort it takes while saving it from everything that can harm the delicate texture is what makes it utmost important and dear to women,nonetheless the royal aura it carries with itself.One can wear a benarasi saree when it's less sweaty and more airy to avoid feeling stuffy in all the kundan and the gold.At the same time,sarees like satin,crepe and georgette are an all time party sarees while most embroideries done on traditional Indian sarees like Benarasi and silk sarees are done in gold thread and motifs which make them hard to ensemble with Diamond,gemstone, uncut diamond(kundan) jewellery or the non conventional designer jewellery.Satin and crepe sarees are not fixated in any such boundaries,the silky texture and the sheen makes them a huge time favourite for party goers,since it gets extremely easy to feel glamorous with or without adding a piece of jewellery to the look.The best part about these being unconventional is that one can play and be as innovative as can be with the blouse to suit ones glitterati diva or the seductress.

Did someone hear wedding bells??

Yes,the weddings bells are ringing and stylefunia is ready to ease your every trousseau need at the click of a button.Wedding hypertension and the sleepless nights just after the date is announced,is no secret to anyone,we all have been through the same,some are going through it and some are eagerly waiting for it(no kidding).While sarees make an important part of every ritual related to the wedding and the once in a lifetime gala affair it is,one finds shopping for sarees especially extremely mind boggling and stressing for there's so much to buy in so less time.At times like these,When one bride is ruining her beauty sleep and her bride glow in wake of waking up early and gearing up for a shopping ritual that never seem to end,and another is crossing her fingers, praying hard to avoid sucha plight,it's when stylefunia comes in picture to save all the brides,the bridesmaids,the mother of the bride and the driver from the wrath of a bride who's about to raise a hell.The designers at stylefunia understand how a modern bride is traditional in her value system,yet she is fearless and open to unconventionality in different perspectives of her life and in choice of her sarees offcourse,for a bride like this,for the traditionalists,the modernised ones and the others stylefunia has spectacular sarees in it's collection,ranging from vintage benarasi sarees with bootis in dull gold and bright,to chiffon sarees adorned with flower prints in pastels,crepe in colours like fuchsia pink and yellows to adore a newlywed While for the bridesmaid we have designer inspired Bollywood saree,in likes of Sonam to satin sarees with heavy embroidered borders to glamorise a reception party. kapoor and Jacqueline Fern√°ndez,in shimmering velvet pallus and the satins with unconventional blouses to pep up the look, for the mother of the bride we have silks in marvelous colours and designs and variety of colour combinations and embroideries to choose from.At stylefunia there's an answer to every fashion query cos we believe innovation stops only where there is stagnation and at stylefunia there's no place for that.

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